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According to Maria João, with his brother, Sérgio Almeida that represented this company from São Roque, Oliveira de Azeméis – founded in 1996 by his father, António Almeida – in Milan, MICAM “held within the normal range that has become accustomed” Moreover, ” the balance was positive.”

Is that in times of economic and financial climate difficult, the young businesswoman recognize that “brought some orders either already patrons or potential stakeholders. The contacts were numerous and brought some ‘new faces’.

Despite acknowledging that the public who attended the event – the first edition of the Italian fair of 2013 – less than earlier, “we do not have to complain to us.”

The brand ‘Sónia Patrício’ presented its collection of shoes lady medium / high quality, very pleased to stand by those who passed, betting, this time in a trend young and practice. Working with a large set of countries to which it exports, the company from São Roque, notes France as one of the main destinations of your shoes.

As for the support of official bodies, including the industry association [APICCAPS], the young businesswoman role: “You are to fulfill their role, doing the part that corresponds to it, especially trying new ways to support and promote the Portuguese footwear.”

Source: newspaper “Correio de Azeméis” (2013)

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