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The company António de Almeida Lda is a family business that has 43 years of success in the footwear industry directed to the female market.

“To my father miss reaching the world …”

Who says it is Maria João, daughter of António Almeida, who signed the bond company in the relatively short time.

The Almeida family was a master of confection of hats but the sight of António de Almeida allowed him to realize that the art of footwear would take him far.

The company titled “Gudiva” had its beginnings in 1970 in a small factory established by Antonio de Almeida and his wife Idalina Conceição Silva.

HToday this factory “Agudivar”, whose name had to be changed due to the registration of the mark is already existing, changed and expanded to about seven years facilities and, if last year produced about 400 pairs per day, the number is currently nearly double – 700 pairs.

António de Almeida is a founding partner of another firm, “Costa, Paiva e Maia” by footwear components, in which the son António Almeida takes care management.

Together the two companies currently employ more than one hundred people.

The export of footwear was made ​​possible thanks to Sérgio Almeida, son of the administrator and today 99% of production is targeted to countries like Russia, Poland, Belgium, Holland, England, Romania, Denmark and France.

The company is constantly evolving, reaches the customer through international fairs like Milan this time prepare the show in Shanghai, a huge step in conquering the Asian market.

And is missing the rest of the world …
The secret of success is, according to António de Almeida, the “quality” in the timeliness of deliveries and competitive prices.

“If tomorrow we conquer a new customer, we will cherish it and work to keep it,” he reveals.

The implementation of the own brand “Sónia Patrício” is a reality, and the brand seeks to go further, standing by their young and renewed lines.

Sónia Patrício pants modern, casual and independent woman. So the company dominates intelligently both segments, both the classic as the young and dashing.

“Growing responsibly”, are words that António Almeida uses to describe his walk. And do not be surprised if you hear the Portuguese accent and countries like Russia, England and even China as the national good footwear is really to conquer the world …

Source: Global Management Magazine – Issue 8 (2013)

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